Japanese Knotweed

Quetiapine rezept where to purchase Lyrica The Government has finally had to admit defeat in the fight against Japanese knotweed, as it would be too expensive to entirely eradicate this quick growing plant…

buy ivermectin online uk Although you’re not legally obliged to remove these weeds or to control them, if you allow Japanese knotweed to grow onto other people’s property you could be prosecuted for causing a private nuisance.

buy me a boat lyrics The plant can grow at a rate of a metre per week and has a root system that can extend several metres in all directions causing damage to building foundations and drains.

This damage costs the economy around £166 million every year in weed control and property devaluation. If you are at all concerned about the possibility of its existence within the curtilage of a potential purchase or the immediate environs, you are strongly advised to arrange for more detailed, specialist investigations to be carried out prior to legally committing yourself to purchase.

Visit www.gov.uk/guidance/prevent-the-spread-of-harmful-invasive-and-non-native-plants for more information.