The Advantages of Fibreglass Roofs Over Bitumen

The Advantages of Fibreglass* Roofs Over Bitumen
*(Also known as Glass Reinforced Plastic – GRP)

FibreglassFibreglass has been used in the UK building industry for over 50 years and is particularly suited to use on flat roofs. It is used in many industries where long life and complete water-tightness are essential. It lasts up to 30 or 40 years with no measurable deterioration, which is 3 or 4 times longer than traditional bitumen roofing felt. It encapsulates the roof boards and there are no seams, so water cannot penetrate and it is less likely to be lifted by wind.

Fibreglass roofs are low maintenance and should be cleaned occasionally with soap and warm water. It is also possible to renew the top layer (‘gel coat’), which is a fairly quick and inexpensive process that will return the roof almost to ‘as new’ condition.

In these days of energy conservation, fibreglass roofs are also very energy efficient if combined with an appropriate foam insulation. They can also withstand planters, tiles and other decorative finishes, with no detrimental effects and be made non-slip, if they need to be walked on.

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